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OMG Easy Voice Recorder

OMG Easy Voice Recorder

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Are you a citizen journalist diving deep into undercover stories? While your iPhone might be a handy tool, our specialized telephone recorder is designed to meet the rigorous demands of investigative journalism.

If you're using any of the covert cameras we sell you'll want to record audio on a different device like the Easy Voice RecorderWith a staggering 1,040 hours of recording capacity, you can capture every whispered word and clandestine conversation.

Easy one-touch buttons allow you to record continuously for up to 31 days on a single charge. Whether you're gathering evidence in open-air settings or over the phone, this device is your ultimate ally. Unlike other models that fall short, our recorder is loaded with features that make your job easier and more effective.

And the best part? A price point that won't break the bank, leaving you more resources to chase the truth.

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