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Coffee Cup Camera Lease Program

Coffee Cup Camera Lease Program

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To-go coffee cups are everywhere, that's what makes the OMG Coffee Cup Lid Cover Camera so adaptable. The lid fits on any standard-sized to-go coffee or tea cup that is disguised as a beverage from the local coffee shop. Please note that audio is not recorded by this device. You will need to record audio with your smartphone or a separate lavalier microphone.

Operational Use:

You’re no longer going into a surveillance area blind. View live footage on the app and ensure you’re collecting all the evidence needed in the frame to help close any story. The WiFi Coffee Cup Lid DVR was developed to streamline on-the-go surveillance. Trail a suspect for up to 210 minutes between charges. This device is great for undercover stories for stationary or on-the-move stakeouts.

How it works:
Setting up the Hidden Camera WiFi Coffee Cup Lid is simple. The decoy lid twists off to reveal the onboard controls. Charge the device with the USB cord provided; it can be powered by a computer or power block. A green LED light will notify you of charging and will turn off when the WiFi Coffee Cup Lid DVR is fully charged. Insert the micro memory card into the appropriate slot and format the memory card, LED lights will notify you when formatting is complete. The PVCam App makes for easy setup on any Apple or Android device and you will have the ability to remotely view and control the camera. The push-to-start button allows for instant recording. The vibration alerts for secrecy and WiFi on/off can be controlled by the power button. The bottom of this WiFi Coffee Cup Lid DVR is water resistant, but it’s recommended to avoid using hot liquids in this device to prevent damage to the camera.


  • WiFi-based standalone DVR
  • Concealed Lens
  • 1080p HD Color Video Footage
  • Invisible Camera Lens on Frame
  • Instant Recording
  • One Button Operation
  • App Controlled
  • Vibration Alert: On-Recording/Power off/ Low Battery
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • LED Indicators: Charging | On | Recording


  • Camera: 1/3” Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • Video Resolution: 1080p | Up to 30fps
  • 3.3 LUX @ F 2.0
  • File Type: .MOV & .JPG
  • Angle of View: 66 Degrees
  • Continuous Recording
  • WiFi Enabled | RTSP Protocol
  • Vibration Alert: On/Off | Recording |Low Battery
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Battery Life:
    • WiFi OFF
      • 1080P | 180 mins
      • 720P | 195 mins
      • WVGA | 210 mins
    • WiFi ON
      • 1080P | 165 mins
      • 720P | 180 mins
      • WVGA | 195 mins
      • Charge Time: 240 minutes
      • Includes: 16GB Micro Memory Card with Adaptor | compatible up to 32GB
      • Overwrites Oldest File when Memory Card is Full
      • Lid is water resistant, avoid the use of Hot Liquids in this device


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